Our offset lithographic printing machines, which include inline technologies, can print in up to seven colors. We also provide UV or conventional varnishes, foiling, and inline application of multiple coatings, ensuring that our customers receive the best printing quality available. Our print operatives are all well-trained and experienced, and they are all persistent in their pursuit of print perfection.

The capacity to manage ink on paper is essential for successful printing. Our press room staff have this combination of technological expertise and attention to detail. Even though today’s presses are increasingly automated, crucial decisions like ink densities, color balance, registration, and press speed remain our responsibilities and sources of pride. It is easy to install a scanning spectrophotometer on a press, but it is more difficult to use it properly for measured control throughout the print run. For all of our work, we employ stochastic screening as our standard. A talented craftsman using high-quality equipment is the key to producing a high-quality completed product. It is also essential to match the right equipment to the job at hand.

We have a variety of offset printing presses. We are always able to match the appropriate equipment to the job. These presses operate on four shifts seven days a week. We have mastered the exquisite art of printing on numerous synthetic papers over the years, and we utilize a wide range of specialist inks for unique applications.

Photogravure Vartan employs cutting-edge offset printing technology and machinery to provide our customers with high-quality printed goods that have constant color reproduction and unparalleled accuracy. Whether you need 1000 or 10,000 copies, offset printing will ensure a high-quality outcome every time.

Are you unsure whether offset printing is appropriate for you? Find out more about the advantages of our offset printing services:

  • Ideal for higher-volume print runs.
  • Lower per unit cost than digital printing (over minimum thresholds).
  • Accurate color reproduction and exact color matching.
  • A wide range of finishes, from matte varnishes to eye-catching foil and embossing.
  • The latest offset print technology means unparalleled print quality.

Digital printing is the best solution for small to medium-sized print runs. We can print:

  • Leaflets
  • Business Cards
  • Merchandise
  • Stickers
  • Labels
  • Books & Magazines
  • Billboards
  • Banners Posters

Photogravure Vartan offset printing services are exactly what you need if you desire high-quality printing with quick turnaround and the assurance that comes with a company that has been successfully operating and developing in Lebanon for over 60 years.