Whether you need a job designed from scratch or you need prepress services for your files, Photogravure Vartan has the solution. We could assist you in developing your design ideas into a finished printed product, or we could only add finishing touches to your files before they are printed.

Our reputation in the field of digital imaging has grown over time. Our image specialists provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to the projects of our clients. We get the job done right, whether it’s technical or creative.

Our state-of-the-art prepress department meets our customers’ pre-production needs. Our services include color management, proofs, computer-to-plate (CTP), and all Desktop Publishing (DTP) services, from minor text revisions to full artwork creation and brand management. 

The following is a breakdown of some of the prepress services that we provide:

Color Management

We use the best color management solution available in the market to control all steps in the process from the original image input to the printed output in order to reproduce the correct halftone and maintain the correct ink densities of processed colors. Based on the “fingerprint” of your printer, we extend your color spaces to produce appealing packaging graphics with fewer inking units.

High-Resolution Proofs

We provide two proofing steps to minimize issues on press:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF “soft proofs” and full-sized digital color proofs are produced and delivered to the client.
  • Our digital proofing system is color calibrated to our press equipment. Its output provides an accurate representation of the final printed piece.

Direct To Plate

Photogravure Vartan workflow utilizes Kodak’s new generation Magnus plate setter. The Magnus is a completely automated computer-to-plate device that images the digital master files of your project onto offset printing plates. Its Square Spot technology gives our printers the unique ability to frequently produce jobs in record time.

Stochastic Printing

A method of distributing halftone dots With the application of CTP technologies, stochastic screening is making a comeback. To meet industrial requirements, we apply the necessary density and tone corrections.