Full HD 

Our flexographic plates extend the limits of flexography even more, with the technology of Full HD. The high resolution of 4000dpi in combination with the Flat Top Dot, performs excellent results, with unique advantages in printing such as:

We have won the trust of our partners with its quality and consistency.


The prepress is one of the most important factors of printing in flexography. The technical experience of our team supports even the most demanding projects, focusing on separation solutions that will achieve the best quality in the final product.

The prepress department enhances our company’s dynamic, using the latest technology and “taking advantage” of their own printing experience.

We achieve the best result, by utilizing the existing equipment of each flexography’s production.

Digital Proof

The digital proof is a reliable “contract proof” print, that simulates the final result of the package. Due to the wide range of substrates and printing processes, the market needs integrated “color profile” management and specialized adjustments, for the successful reproduction of the customer’s final product.

We provide truthful and transparent digital proof (simple or dot proof), with GMG technology, which is internationally accepted.

Color Management

In order to ensure the successful color result of the product, it is required to handle color management correctly.

Color management aims to reproduce the colors of the original design of a package, according to the data of its printing. Thanks to the specialized software and in combination with the excellent training of our team, we offer solutions to meet the different needs of this very dynamic market in progress.

We meet the highest expectations, giving flexography quality, reliability, and consistent repeatability.